Couture – Made to Measure

The word “Couture” is a French word, meaning ‘made-to-measure’, made to the client’s individual measurements.

The experience of the Couture Process is a series of steps, all of which are aimed at ensuring your dress is made to suit your figure, your personality, and the personal circumstances of the event.

The details…

The Couture customer will make an initial consultation time with the designer (Victoria Vezzano) to discuss their vision and design ideas. During the first meeting they will get a chance to browse through examples of our work, try on different dresses, silhouette types and discuss the ideas. We always encourage our customers to bring any photos, drawings of their own or other inspiration ideas that appeal to them. From this initial sketch design; fabrics and colours are discussed and in the course of this consultation an accurate, personalised quote can be calculated.

Toile and series of fittings…

A custom pattern and  ‘toile or mock outfit’ is made, and a series of fittings are provided during garment construction stage. With the customer’s constant participation and input, the garment is crafted to a unique, one-off piece that is a collaboration between the customer and the designer (Victoria).

Our Step – by – step process – please click here for flow-chart document.

The process can be likened to a work of art where every stitch, seam, hem and binding is perfect. We believe that working through a sip-by-step process is the best means of creating exactly what our customer’s want.

An expert’s direction…

This is where Victoria’s talents come into play. She asks the customer to ask herself what she wants, what she sees herself wearing. Victoria can offer direction and advice, but at the end of the day – it is the customer’s choice that is highly valued. The final design will be as unique as yourself and a true reflection of your personality.