ABOUT Victoria Vezzano

I discovered my passion early at the tender age of 14, and it didn’t take me long to embrace fashion, couture and dressmaking as the major driving creative forces in my life. My sources of inspiration were never far from home; my mother was an accomplished crochet/tapestry artist and my grandfather was a tailor in Europe. Obsessed with design and dressmaking, I can recall crafting original garments to wear to family events and functions - my first standout piece was a black velvet gown I wore to a wedding.

While pottery, painting and life drawing further fuelled my artistic mind, I was continually drawn back to my love of fashion and garment construction. In my early twenties, I travelled to Belgium and Sweden to broaden my horizons and acquired formal training in traditional couture design. The whole experience transformed my way of thinking and enlightened my aspirations of becoming a well-known couture brand.

Acquiring a Masters of Fine Arts in Fashion and Textile Design at the University of Boras in Sweden, immersed me into a world of designing gowns and dresses that had a particular look, easily recognizable by the patterns. I found my true purpose in life and took decisive action to transform myself from an inspirational thought to an actual brand. From that point on "Vezzano Couture" was born and the first threads of my life were sewn. I have continued to bring Vezzano Couture to every woman who is inspired by my styles and creations.

Officially launched in Melbourne Australia in 2011, Vezzano Couture is all about hand-crafting glamourous garments for discerning clientele, for women who seek to look chic, elegant and sophisticated.

My racewear designs are largely inspired by the 1940s vintage classics with a modern twist. Whether I’m designing a dress for the races, a glamorous evening function or a figure hugging piece for any special event, I take to every bespoke project with passion, commitment and an unwavering ability to create a beautiful garment that brings out the elegance in every woman.